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January 6, 2007

I begin each year with a collage. I buy a beautiful piece of parchment storyboard paper, I gather together my favorite magazines, my favorite Sassy Scissors and I go to it. A friend’s husband always says the same thing to me: ‘Mary, you’re not a teenager.’ But I don’t care. My collage becomes a visual reference point for what I need to focus on to have a happy, fulfilling life. This year’s collage shows how much I love my individuality, my great range of friendships, my writing life. I want to reconnect with horses, learn to play the guitar and learn to surf. I want to learn the art of letting go and to continue to see beauty everywhere. I want to see my poetry collection ‘The Shadow of a Dog I Can’t Forget’ reach its second printing. I want to take to the road and become a poetry activist, reminding people that poetry is literature’s best bite-size version of truth presented in a way that allows them to put themselves into a poem and find their own way out. I’m getting tired putting all of this out there but hopefully I’ve inspired you.