March 17, 2012

Dunno which commentator said it but it works for just about any situation:

You can’t keep arguing whether it’s with a tennis player 

or a child. You gotta move it along. 


BRILLIANT! Happy Saturday


January 16, 2007

I still think I’m 25. I work out like a mad-woman and now I’m paying the price.  I’ve pulled a tendon in my heel dragging a 175 lb. work-out buddy across a parking lot while harnessed to him. I heard the tear and flopped down onto the ground in the most intense pain I’ve ever felt. I’m in a boot cast and on crutches thinking all those couch potatoes out there opening their third bag of Cheetos and second beer are probably so much smarter than me. I thought I was never going to get old, never have limitations placed on me, that I could forever live in a kind of happily-ever-after, never-never-land. Oh boy. I’m staying strong, thinking of that beautiful model Petra Nemcova, who lost the love of her life in the tsunami two Christmasses ago and was flung against a tree breaking so many of her bones. She survived to tell her story and is so much stronger because of it. We find out heroes where we need to. Funny enough, she’s probably about 25…



January 6, 2007

I begin each year with a collage. I buy a beautiful piece of parchment storyboard paper, I gather together my favorite magazines, my favorite Sassy Scissors and I go to it. A friend’s husband always says the same thing to me: ‘Mary, you’re not a teenager.’ But I don’t care. My collage becomes a visual reference point for what I need to focus on to have a happy, fulfilling life. This year’s collage shows how much I love my individuality, my great range of friendships, my writing life. I want to reconnect with horses, learn to play the guitar and learn to surf. I want to learn the art of letting go and to continue to see beauty everywhere. I want to see my poetry collection ‘The Shadow of a Dog I Can’t Forget’ reach its second printing. I want to take to the road and become a poetry activist, reminding people that poetry is literature’s best bite-size version of truth presented in a way that allows them to put themselves into a poem and find their own way out. I’m getting tired putting all of this out there but hopefully I’ve inspired you.

Hello world!

December 28, 2006

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